To honour the National Day of Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls (MMIWG) on May 5th, Aboriginal Housing Management Association (AHMA) featured an original red dress design by Satsi Naziel.  The Red Dress was originated by Jaime Black and has become a symbol for the National Day of Awareness for MMIWG & 2SLGBTQQIA+.

The Red Dress Project is an aesthetic response to more than 1,000 Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada.

The original Red Dress design created by artist Satzi Naziel, uses the form line of northwest coast native art.  “Ovoid, S-shapes, and U-shapes are put together in a way that they create a Red Dress. Inside the dress you can find simple house motifs to represent the work AHMA does with indigenous communities regarding housing.”  ~Artist, Satzi Naziel (They/Them)

Cariboo Friendship Society has distributed 100’s of pins with the original Red Dress Design to raise awareness in the community. The Red Dress design is also being shared on a decal so local businesses can display it as a symbol to indicate this business is a safe space.

On May 5th 2022, Cariboo Friendship Society hosted an event at the Stampede Grounds behind the Grandstand to honour our Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, raise awareness and heal. The Community was invited for a Sacred Fire, Tobacco Tie offerings, Red Rock Memory Garden, Drum Circle, and the Red Dress Campaign.  Newspaper article on the event Sacred Fire Honours MMIWG